In-house Reliability Test Capability
Crystal and Oscillator Production
No. TEST ITEM Reference / Standards Photo
1 Resistance To Soldering Heat Test MIL-STD-202G method 210F
2 High Temperature Storage JIS C7021:B-10
3 Moisture Resistance Test JIS C7021:B-11
4 Low temperature Storage JIS C7021:B-12
5 Free Drop Test JIS –C0044
6 Vibration Test MIL-STD-883F:2007.3
7 Salt Atmosphere
(Crrosion) Test
According to the company principle
8 Temperature Cycling(Static) MIL-STD-883F-1010.8 Condition B
9 Accelerated Life Test(Aging Biased) MIL-STD-202G method 108A
10 Thermal Shock MIL-STD-883F:1011.9 Condition B
11 Highly Accelerated Stress Test(HAST) JESD22-A110
12 Solder Ability Test(SMD) MIL-STD-883E method 2003.7
13 Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-883F:2002.4